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Melly's Menorah

ISBN: 978-0-97441-884-2
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Grade level: Pre-K - 2
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Melly's family is busy preparing for Hanukkah-decorating, wrapping presents, making cards, frying latkes—and no one has time for little Melly. But when the centerpiece of the holiday, the menorah, is missing, Melly comes to the rescue with a cookie dough menorah.

First published in 1991, this timeless picture book celebrates the joys of Hanukkah and the contributions of all family members, no matter how small.

Extend the fun: 40 full-color stickers bound into the book!

Amye Rosenberg is the author and illustrator of over 70 books for children. Amye has worked with children in schools, hospitals, special care facilities, and community centers. She is the founder of Zany Angel Projects which creates original fun books that fire imagination, creative participation and inspire better kids in a better world.

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