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Jewish Values Challenge Cards: Playing Cards

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Help teens and pre-teens develop a deeper understanding of 58 Jewish values in a playful environment using card-based games created by Robyn Faintich. 

Each card in this 58-card card deck includes the name of a significant Jewish value in English, Hebrew, and transliterated Hebrew, along with a one-sentence explanation to help clarify the value.

Each deck includes instructions for 13 different games in three categories: (1) Values Clarification (e.g., “Judge and Jury”), (2) Team Building (e.g., “What’s Important to Us?”), and (3) Skills Development (e.g., “Say It in Hebrew!”)

Download Scenarios for additional exploration.

Ideal for use with youth groups, clubs, camps, and Hebrew High programs for:

·         Values clarification

·         Team building

·         Skills development

·         Social justice programs

·         Mitzvah project development

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Ask us about creating a customized version for your organization. Perfect for camps, JCCs, teen programs, and more.


Scenarios for Jewish Values Challenge Playing Cards


To play Values Clarification games, create a set of Scenario cards by printing out these scenarios on Avery Labels #5292 and affixing the labels to index cards. For more information, see the Game Instructions insert inside each pack of playing cards. 

Jewish Values Challenge Cards may also be paired with these Behrman House materials:

A Kid’s Mensch Handbook (grades 3–5)

Living Jewish Values (grades 4–6)

Our Place in the Universe (grades 6–8)

Count Me In: Jewish Wisdom in Action (grades 5–7)

Jewish Heroes, Jewish Values (grades 5–7)

Making a Difference (grades 7–9)

The Social Action Manual (grades 8–12)

Extension Activities: 12 enrichment (“extension”) activities to bring the values to life, including a family action plan, seeking and posting values on Twitter, writing values Haikus, and using digital tools like VoiceThread and Glogster

Bonus Questions: Hundreds of questions about the values to challenge players at every grade level—3–5, 6–8, and 9–12

To customize the cards for your philanthropic program, or to learn more, contact


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