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Our Place in the Universe Journal: Judaism & the Environment

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Now 6-8th grade students can explore connections between what they believe and how they live by looking at environmentalism through a Jewish lens.

Students will write their own advertisements for environmentally friendly products; compose a modern prayer about water conservation; use a carbon footprint calculator to learn about their personal impact on the world; and even design a genetically engineered species.

Using the powerful tool of a reflective journal, this innovative approach offers students the opportunity to contemplate their own relationships with the natural world from a Jewish perspective.

What is our place in the Universe?

  • Do we have a special responsibility for taking care of the world?
  • What's Jewish about how we treat natural resources like land, water, and air?
  • What does this mean to me?

Explore these questions and more with the checklists, personality quizzes, debate topics, and writing prompts in this journal.


What is our place in the universe?                                         

Chapter 1: Stories We Tell about the World                          

Chapter 2: Nature in Jewish Laws and Customs                   

Chapter 3: The Animal Kingdom                                          

Chapter 4: Sharing Public Resources                                     

Chapter 5: Our Responsibility to the Future              

Chapter 6: Setting Limits                                                       

Chapter 7: Striking the Right Balance                                   

Words to Know  

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