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Jewish Holidays Jewish Values Lesson Plan Manual

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Help your students build character throughout the year by finding new meaning in holiday stories and traditions, pursuing hands-on activities, and journaling their thoughts in the Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values Journal. Students will discover how the values we learn from our holidays can guide us in making good decisions every day. 

This Lesson Plan Manual includes:

  • 22 Ready-to-use Lesson Plans: Approximately 50 minutes each, including essential questions, goals, activities with step-by-step directions, and background information. 
  • Enrichment Options: Optional activities for further exploration and study, including both individual and class projects. 
  • Project Based Learning: Student-driven learning with real-world applications. 
  • Further Resources: Links to online resources for your reference and for classroom use. 
  • Bonus Game Pack! Free word puzzles and games that reinforce key themes. Play online or print from
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