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Kol Yisrael Funbook Student Activity Bk

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Hebrew activities and games for Kol Yisrael

Twenty chapters in one lively 80-page activity book enrich the learning in Kol Yisrael 1, 2, and 3 and Kol Yisrael Complete. Students start using the Funbook right when they begin their Kol Yisrael studies or at any time over the course of their three years of prayer study. They improve their prayer fluency and understanding—all while having fun playing Hebrew games and puzzles.


Enrichment activities for all 26 lessons in the Kol Yisrael series for students to:

  • Learn to decode more accurately (“Word Sleuth”)
  • Improve their prayer fluency (“Speed Reading”)
  • Increase their understanding of the prayers’ meaning (“Peace  All Around” and “Holiday Break”)
  • Play with modern Hebrew (“Picture Match” and “What’s for Dinner?”)
  • Entertain themselves—while they learn—with games and puzzles (“We’ve Got Rhythm,” “Great Greetings,” and “Hold Your Breath”)


  • Individually when students finish their regular work early or for reinforcement
  • In pairs or small groups to increase collaboration and for students to learn from one another (instructions are built right into the book!)
  • At home for students who miss class or need an extra challenge
  • For students already using Kol Yisrael 2 and 3--- to practice prayer reading skills, and to review the prayers they previously learned in Kol Yisrael as well as concepts such as the names of the books in the Torah


Kol Yisrael teaches prayer literacy in a combination of book-based and online activities. In Level 1 students learn key home blessings and prayers, such as the Kiddush and Mah Nishtanah. In Level 2 students learn about community through the opening prayers in the Shabbat morning service and the Amidah. In Level 3 students prepare to become b’nai mitzvah with the Shabbat morning Torah service and concluding prayers.

Kol Yisrael Funbook: a fun way to build your students’ prayer skills—in the order of your own prayer curriculum.

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