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Wise Aging

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A 2016 Contemporary Jewish Life and Practice Finalist for the Jewish Book Awards

Aging can often feel like an inevitable drift.  But each year new doors open with opportunities, while other close with loss.  We have the power to prepare--to build our resilience and navigate the challenges.  Will we turn towards the opportunities, and continue to find joy and meaning in our lives? Strengthen relationships with our adult children? Have the courage to find new ways of living? How can we make the most of the aging process, and develop into deeper, wiser people?

In Wise Aging, Rabbi Rachel Cowan and Dr. Linda Thal give us the tools we need to find our own answers to these questions. With the same warmth, humor, and wisdom that draws thousands to their innovative workshops on aging, they deliver practical, real world suggestions: journaling exercises, meditations, and activities that dig deep and lead us to a better understanding of how to age well.

Wise Aging  provides the roadmap for the journey we are all on:  achieving a fulfilling older age.  No subject is off limits; Rabbi Cohen and Dr. Thal explore a wide range of issues, including:

  • Relationships with adult children & spouses
  • Body image
  • Romance & sexuality
  • Living with loss
  • Cultivating well-being

They tackle these issues head on, and with uncanny sensitivity deliver sage advice that inspires, informs, and will help us grow into wisdom with resilience and joy. 

Now available on Kindle!

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