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Jewish Values in Genesis LPM

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How can the Torah inspire us to become our best selves?

Help your students explore Jewish values through the lens of biblical stories, in Jewish Values in Genesis: If I could Ask Abraham. Students will pursue hands-on activities, journal their thoughts, and gain an understanding of the Torah's narrative while also discovering the connection between these stories and their own lives. 

This Lesson Plan Manual includes: 

  • 14 ready to use lesson plans: Approximately 50 minutes each, including essential questions, goals, activities with step-by-step directions, and background information. 
  • Extension activities: Optional activities for further exploration and study, including both individual and class projects. 
  • Project based learning: Student-driven learning with real-world applications. 
  • Resources for the teacher: Additional background information and links to online resources for your reference and for classroom use. 
  • Glossary: Key Hebrew terms translated and transliterated for easy reference and to help reinforce the vocabulary. 

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