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When a Jew Prays

ISBN: 978-0-87441-093-8
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Grade level: 4 - 5
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Children discover the sights and sounds of Jewish worship in this lucid explanation of prayer and the Jewish values it represents. A step-by-step tour through the basic prayer service, with significant passages shown in both Hebrew and English.

When A Jew Prays has two different kinds of Teacher's Guides, each of which helps the teacher acheive in the classroom what the authors hope is implicit and explicit in the book. The first Guide by Seymour Siegel, is conceptual. It gives the teacher the philosophical concepts, the broad overarching ideas that are central and unique to Jewish prayer, prayer concepts, and the prayer service.

Download the Complimentary Conceptual-TG

The second Guide, by David Bamberger, is functional. It enables the teacher to translate into classroom activity and discussion the concepts and values inherent in Jewish prayer, both effectively and affectively.

Download the Complimentary Functional-TG

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