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Israel Matters Revised Edition

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In Israel Matters, leading middle-east authority Mitchell Bard digs deeply into the political, cultural, and historical forces facing the Jewish state. He provides the historical context and the fact-based answers to the criticisms and controversies that will help students and adults alike come to the debate about Israel with an appreciation for its complexity and an ability to develop and advocate for a balanced view of Israel that is fair to the Jewish state.

In this newly revised edition, Bard adds up-to date, current information that fleshes out the latest events of the region and places them in context of the historical issues at play, including:

  • The Arab Spring, and its effects on the Israeli-Egyptian relationship
  • Hamas’s rocket attacks, and the Israeli military response of “Protective Edge”
  • The kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli teenagers
  • The peace process, including the work done by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry

The book also includes a newly updated timeline that highlights the most crucial events in the history of Israel starting with Biblical times up until the present day

Israel Matters is an excellent, factual guide for anyone who wants to speak up for Israel.



1 A Vibrant Country

2 Jewish Land, Jewish Nation

3 The Birth of Two Religions

4 The Rise of Zionism

5 Carving Out a Homeland

6 Fighting for Independence

7 Building a New Country

8 The Challenge of Territory

9 A Bit of Peace, More Battles

10 Waging Peace

11 Balancing Peace and Security

12 Testing “Land for Peace”

13 Israel Looks to the Future

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