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Min Ha'Aretz: Making Meaning from Our Food Lesson Plan Manual: From the Earth: Jewish Food and Tradition Teacher's LPM

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The Min Ha'Aretz Lesson Plan Manual: provides 17 ready-to-use lesson plans based on the journal. The lesson plan manual includes:

-Project Based Learning:  Individually, or in pairs or groups, students make or do something concrete to demonstrate what they have learned.   For example, in the chapter on tza’ar ba’alei hayim, (caring for animals), the suggested project challenges students to think about ways they can help animals, such as by helping out at a local animal shelter. When students learn about Jewish values through project based learning, they use what they have learned in class to solve real-world problems, and they gain a deeper understanding of how Jewish values are relevant to their lives.

-Enrichment Options: Debate topics, games, activites and more that review content.

-Background Information: Concise and informative summaries of each issue.

-Glosary: A listing of Jewish terms and sources referenced in Min Ha’aretz

-Online Digital Resources: A list of links to articles, videos, recipes, and other resources that can be used to enhance and supplement each lesson.  

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