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Hineni Express Teacher's Guide

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48-page Teacher’s Guide provides summaries of all 15 chapters, plus guidance on using Hineni Express with:

  • Middle school students
  • Children with special needs

About Hineni Express:

Hineni Express offers the same proven approach to teaching prayer as Hineni 1, 2, and 3—combined here into one easy-to-use volume.

Ideal for learning the core prayers of the Friday evening and Shabbat morning services, Hineni Express will help students become familiar and comfortable with the opening prayers, Amidah, Torah service and concluding prayers, as well as blessings and songs for home observance.

Hineni Express gives learners the tools to understand each prayer:

·         Prayer texts: Each prayer is included in Hebrew alongside an English translation for easy understanding. (Variations from Reform, Conservative, and Reconstructionist texts are included.

·         Prayer dictionaries: Definitions of key words

·         Roots: Activities that highlight Hebrew roots

·         Prayer in motion: The choreography that accompanies each prayer

·         Questions: Thought-provoking questions that help students find meaning within the texts and connect the prayers to their own lives.

·         Values: Questions and activities that help learners discover the Jewish values at the core of each prayer

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