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Shalom Hebrew Primer: Simple Steps to Reading Hebrew

ISBN: 978-0-87441-962-7
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In this revision of Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express, students can quickly learn to decode Hebrew accurately and fluently. Ideal for learners who start Hebrew decoding in the later grades, just in time for bar or bat mitzvah, or who need remediation. Built on a foundation of key cultural words (shamash, tzedakah, mitzvah, mezuzah), with an emphasis on the chunking of syllables, and the inclusion of movement-based activities and many brand-new challenging reading exercises, Shalom Hebrew will motivate your pre-teens to learn to decode quickly and accurately.


What’s NEW about Shalom Hebrew?

1.      New, more challenging activities, for example, “Word Power”—using the key words in sentences and games

2.      New layout and design, and smaller trim size

3.      More grown-up graphics (ideal for adults too)

4.      Includes over 200 movement- and holiday-based Hebrew words, e.g., classroom labels (shulchan, luach, delet), holiday words (etrog, shofar, bikkurim), and body parts (yad, rosh, beten, ayin)

What’s the same as Shalom Uvrachah Primer Express?

1.      Same key words

2.      Same order of letter and vowel introduction

3.      Same rich reading activities


Three sections in the Teacher’s Guide (available separately) provide specific ways to use Shalom Hebrew with:

1.      5th–6th graders

2.      Adults

3.      Students with special needs 


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