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Hebrew in Harmony Curriculum Core

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Now includes materials for all 15 prayers and blessings released so far, plus the colorful Hebrew and Harmony binder and printed tabs to keep it all organized. Student journals and digital app sold separately.

This educator’s guide to using Hebrew in Harmony drives this multi-media program and is an essential resource for using it effectively to teach Hebrew prayer though music. 

Each module (prayer) within the Curriculum Core includes:

  • Three fully scripted, timed lesson plans
  • A list of the digital activities available
  • A list of the musicians and their songs
  • Song lyrics for the music in that module
  • Student journal answer keys
  • Reproducible word cards with Hebrew on one side and English on the other

Crafted with the Understanding by Design philosophy, all lessons and activities flow from the desired outcomes and goals. Lessons can be used exactly as written or adapted to fit a variety of learning settings, including small-group tutoring, fully online learning, and one-on-one study.

An essential tool for creating dynamic multi-media lessons built around music, art, drama, movement, and mindfulness activities, the Curriculum Core is a must-have for every educator using the program. 

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