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Kol Yisrael 2: Online Learning Center Edition

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This purchase is only sold as a book + Online Learning Center license set. At this time, the book is only sold with a CD or an Online Learning Center license. We cannot sell the book separately.


Students go back and forth from textbook to online games and exercises, learning the opening prayers of the Shabbat morning service and the Amidah.

Now the digital Hebrew exercises in Kol Yisrael 2 are available in the Behrman House Online Learning Center, no CD's necessary! Check out the overview video, tutorial videos, and more information about the Online Learning Center HERE.

Characters come to life and help your students learn prayer in Kol Yisrael, the first Hebrew program that completely integrates text-based lessons with animated online learning. If your students love computer games, they'll LOVE this Hebrew program!

In the second level of the Kol Yisrael series, students learn the opening prayers in the Shabbat morning service and the Amidah. As students go on a multi-media learning adventure through the synagogue with their guides Batya and Ben, they practice their Hebrew decoding skills, explore Torah teachings, link prayer words to modern Hebrew, and learn vocabulary they can use every day! A playful superhero, Minnie Minyan, leads students on an excursion that transports them from the pages of their textbooks, onto their computers, into cyberspace, and then brings them right back again.

With Kol Yisrael, students will be able to:

  • Read and understand blessings and prayers. A dual focus on home observance and b'nai mitzvah prep ensures students can participate comfortably in both home-based and synagogue-based rituals.
  • Experience dynamic Hebrew learning in a multi-media environment. Students move from the book to computer-based reinforcement exercises and games, then back to the text. Clues planted throughout the book motivate students to solve Hebrew puzzles online and score bonus points. Students will spend more time on practice without using up precious class time.
  • Hear the prayers recited in American and Israeli accents. Interactive online audio exercises let students check their pronunciation to develop real reading fluency.
  • Work from any location. The digital exercises in Kol Yisrael are now available "in the cloud" through the Online Learning Center. They are available from anywhere with an internet connection - no more CDs!
  • Have fun while spending more time on Hebrew. Educators tell us that when students use interactive software they want to practice their Hebrew at home, creating additional precious instructional and practice time.

Prayers included in Kol Yisrael 2 by lesson:

  1. Bar'chu
  2. Yotzer Or/Ma'ariv Aravim
  3. Sh'ma
  4. V'ahavta
  5. Mi Chamochah
  6. Avot V'imahot
  7. G'vurot
  8. K'dushah
  9. Birchot Shalom

About the Kol Yisrael Series:

Your Hebrew classroom will never be the same now that your students can see the characters in their books come to life and help them learn prayer. In the first level of this three-year, full-color series, students meet Batya and Ben, their companions and guides for the entire series. Along with Doug, their talking fish, Batya and Ben leap off the page and come to life on your students' computers in a fun-filled learning adventure that keeps students moving and motivated. Students go back and forth from textbook to online games and exercises. The fully integrated digital application will capture your students' imagination--and attention--with animated characters and Hebrew video games. Students will enjoy learning Hebrew!

In Kol Yisrael 1 students learn key blessings and prayers to use at home, such as the Kiddush and Mah Nishtanah. In Kol Yisrael 2 students learn about community through the opening prayers in the Shabbat morning service and the Amidah. In Kol Yisrael 3 students prepare to become b'nai mitzvah with the Shabbat morning Torah service and concluding prayers. And as your students grow from 4th grade to 6th, Ben and Batya will grow with them.

Kol Yisrael offers the most up-to-date learning tools, including online video games, and interactive readings in which students can hear the prayers read aloud, in American or Israeli accents. "Clues to Cyberspace" motivate students to use the software at home - creating additional practice time and opportunities. It's like having an in-home tutor for every child!

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Cathy Berkowitz, JEA 2014 Kol Yisrael Series Review

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