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Z'man L'Tefilah Volume 3 - Teacher's Guide

ISBN: 978-0-86705-062-2
SKU: A062
Grade level: 4 - 6
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A state-of-the-art teaching guide for a state-of-the-art text!

  • In-depth rationale and goals for the program
  • Easy to follow directions, lesson by lesson and page by page
  • Provides English translations for Hebrew vocabulary items in each chapter
  • Numerous games and supplemental activities
  • Answer keys for all activities in the student Workbooks
  • Comprehensive background information on prayer and related concepts

Special Features:

  • Everything you need to create dynamic and engaging lessons for Hebrew prayer, phonics, and language
  • Reductions of every Workbook page
  • Answer keys for all activities in the Workbooks
  • Spiral bound for ease of use
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