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Hebrew Reading Assessment - OLC Edition

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How much class time do you spend assessing students' Hebrew reading skills each year? Wouldn't it be great if you could use that class time to teach even more Hebrew, to play a fun review game, or to just spend more quality time with your students?

Now you can save precious class time by assessing your students' accuracy and fluency in reading Hebrew right online! Eliminate the line in front of your desk as students wait to demonstrate their Hebrew skills – these 25 thorough, easy-to administer exercises allow students to record and submit from anywhere, helping even the most reticent students demonstrate their proficiency in private. You'll be able to listen to students' recordings anytime and leave written or recorded feedback on your own schedule.

Hebrew Reading Assessment – OLC Edition can be used with ANY Hebrew language program to provide both formative and summative assessments of student reading fluency.

How to use Hebrew Reading Assessment – OLC Edition:

  • The educational director creates a class in the OLC for Reading Assessment and adds one license for each student and teacher in the class.
  • The teacher assigns a specific exercise for assessment.
  • Students can log in and view each assessment exercise on screen or download and print a pdf of the exercise.
  • Students can also listen to a recording of each exercise online and practice by reading along.
  • Students can then record themselves reading the assigned exercise aloud. The may listen to their own recording and re-record the exercise as many times as they wish before submitting the recording for teacher review.
  • Teachers can review each student recording online, and provide written feedback that the student will see automatically in the OLC class.


Hebrew Reading Assessment is also available as a printed teacher resource that includes a set of black line masters that match the online exercises. It's perfect for in class use and provides advice to help teachers evaluate results, target specific areas of remediation, provide constructive feedback, and craft individualized solutions to decoding challenges.

Special Feature:
Click here to hear the author read the twenty-five Hebrew assessment pages aloud line by line.

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