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Now children can explore the magic of Shabbat on their own terms. Shabbat Interactive, a digital experience for children ages 6-11, gives children the keys to independent discovery, letting them make meaning of all the elements of this weekly holiday that is a core element of Jewish identity.

Shabbat Interactive is a nine-module interactive experience that lets children discover Shabbat by creating a digital book to show each day of Creation (with an option to print it out); hear the Ten Commandments in Hebrew and English to discover why we light two candles on Shabbat; virtually set a Shabbat dinner table (they first clean up digitally!); solve a candle-lighting puzzle; learn all the Shabbat blessings including Havdalah; find clues to create an online oneg “pizza,” and much more.

In the first three modules children discover the history of Shabbat:

1.      The first Shabbat (Creation)

2.      Shabbat in the Ten Commandments

3.      Shabbat in the Desert

In the other six modules children explore the traditions of Shabbat:

4.      Preparing for Shabbat

5.      Candle lighting

6.      Welcoming Shabbat 

7.      Celebrating Friday night

8.      Enjoying Shabbat (board game)

9.      Saying goodbye to Shabbat (Havdalah)

It’s hours of fun in the Online Learning Center or in your Behrman House account —with real learning about Shabbat history and traditions at the same time.

Jewish Interactive is a non-profit organization that creates interactive Jewish programs to make Torah more relevant, accessible, and alive to Jewish educators, children, and parents globally. Shabbat Interactive is offered free to congregational schools courtesy of Jewish Interactive.

Originally priced at $9.99, you will receive Shabbat Interactive for free with Behrman House. 

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