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Explorer's Bible 1 OLC Edition

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This purchase includes Explorer's Bible 1 and the Online Learning Center license. To purchase only the book, click here.

Now your students can take Bible exploration even further with an animated companion to Explorer’s Bible and earn badges in an interactive quest that features Jewish values.

Five interactive animated episodes help students delve more deeply into the text and values from Explorer’s Bible Volume 1. The series introduces students to two friends, Dahlia and Danny, and the mysterious dove that sparks discussions about life and helps them make sense of biblical stories to help them confront bullying in their school.

Your students can join Dahlia’s quest to understand the significance of the dove, and as they do, they can explore further through pop-ups, play Hebrew games, take values based personality quizzes, and earn badges for demonstrating compassion, loyalty, truth, justice, and forgiveness— key concepts presented in the textbook.

A key feature of the animated companion to Explorer’s Bible Volume 1 is a Lamed-Vavnik Quest attached to each episode to help students learn about themselves.  Each quest will present scenarios to analyze a specific trait and students will be rewarded with a badge for each trait. They can even participate in the Quest using their own cell phones.

When you order the Explorer’s Bible Volume 1 OLC Edition, you get a print copy of the classroom version plus a license to access the digital companion (complete with the Lamed Vavnik Quest) for fifteen months. You will need one book and license for each student and teacher in your class. The animated companion can be accessed through a class you create in the Online Learning Center.

Each episode of Explorer’s bible Vol 1 OLC Edition is directly related to a chapter in the student edition of the book.

  • Episode 1: In the Image of God - Chapter 1: The Birth of the World
    Episode 2: The Bird of Peace - Chapter 4: The Man Who Walked with God
    Episode 3: I Am Here - Chapter 8: The Sacrifice
    Episode 4: Jacob's New Name - Chapter 12: Jacob's Struggle
    Episode 5: Joseph's Forgiveness - Chapter 15: Joseph's Forgiveness

See a sample episode.

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Find out more about the Online Learning Center (link to discover the OLC)

D792 (includes print and digital materials) For use in the Behrman House Online Learning Center

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