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King David & Akavish the Spider

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When a young shepherd boy aims a stone at a spider’s web, he never imagines that this small creature will one day save his life. 

This simply written but moving tale of young King David - not without its humourous moments - takes a well-known midrash and shows us that one should not only be thankful for all of creationbut also that by using one’s own wits and very special talents anything becomes possible.

It’s a lesson for each one of us; a lesson for a kind, and one that the future Kind of Israel never forgets.  

About the Authors

Sylvia Rouss is an award-winning author and early childhood educator who created the popular Sammy Spider books and the Littlest series.  She has lectured throughout the United States, Europe and Israel. 

Ari Binus is a Boston-based digital artist and animator. This is his fifth children’s book. 

From the Apples & Honey Fall 2015 List

About Apples & Honey Press

Apples & Honey Press brings together the best authors and illustrators from North America and Israel to create memorable stories for children that illuminate the values of family, community, having fun, and being the best we can be.

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