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Avi to the Rescue

ISBN: 978-1-68115-512-8
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Avi the Ambulance loves to help, and comes to the rescue in a most unexpected way.

In this second book in the Avi the Ambulance series, Avi wants to help people, but his Mom, the command car, has assigned him and his medic Zach to restock supplies. On the way to delivering them, there is an emergency...and it's Avi to the rescue!

Includes an author's note about caring for animals, Tza'ar Baalei Chaim, and helping the injured, P'ikuach Nefesh.

Also includes:

  • A photospread of MDA emergency vehicles.
  • A glossary of Jewish terms and values used in the book.


Reviews for Avi the Ambulance to the Rescue:

"The story here, while simple, is a reminder that everyone can play a vital role. The rescue scene is mildly exciting, but not scary. The illustrations provide female role models in the work of saving lives. The book also makes the point that having (and getting) supplies may not be exciting, but it is necessary." 

- Fred Isaac, Temple Sinai, Oakland, CA AJL Reviews, Nov/Dec 2016

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