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Hineni 1 Book + CD Set

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Hineni-The New Hebrew Through Prayer 1 includes the opening prayers in the Shabbat Morning Service and prayers and blessings for the home, including Shabbat and the holidays. Students examine the themes of the prayers and their links to Jewish values (they learn the root koof, dalet, shin and examine what it means to be "holy"; they learn the key word zikaron in the chapter on Kiddush and connect it to Yom Hazikaron; they learn the brachah "formula" and discuss how a blessing helps us pause to appreciate God's world). And they answer challenging analytical questions ("Why do you think Ma'ariv Aravim and Yotzer Or include so many words that mean "create"? What does that tell us about God?")

Take your students on a delightful multimedia journey through Hineni 1.

Based on Hineni 1, the first volume of our bestselling prayer program, Hineni 1 Interactive is the ideal complement to your classroom study. Meet Dr. Gila Gimmelstein who, along with her brother Professor Gimmelstein (whom your students may have met in Shalom Uvrachah Interactive) will guide your students through the opening prayers of the Shabbat Morning Service and blessings against the backdrop of an exciting virtual tour through Israel.

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Minimum System Requirements: Pentium III 500 MHz; 128 MB Ram; 12X CD-ROM Drive; 8 MB Video 16-Bit Color; 16-Bit Sound Card (Sound Blaster compatible).
Mac compatible (OS9 or above, PowerPC G4, 256 MB Ram).

Note: NOT compatible with Mac OSX Lion

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