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Stages: 25th Anniversary CD Tribute to Sam Glaser

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Stages is a 32-song, double-CD tribute album featuring the best of Sam Glaser’s music performed by America’s favorite Jewish artists. The collection highlights Sam’s vast repertoire of uplifting, spiritual music composed during his 25-year career traveling the globe in concert.  

Sample some of the tracks here.


Disk One

  1. Hineni Ari Herstand 5:04
  2. Haleluya Rabbi Marcia Tilchin 3:09
  3. Across the River Gershon Veroba 5:13
  4. Oseh Shalom Barbara Heller 4:22
  5. Achat Sho’alti Chashmal 4:58
  6. Blessing Julie Silver 4:19
  7. Dancing in Jerusalem Aliyah 3:09
  8. Ahava Rabah Duvid Swirski 4:13
  9. I Count The Baal Shem Tones 2:45
  10. Bo’i V’shalom Stacy Beyer 3:25
  11. Ma Yakar Noah Aronson 4:26
  12. Everything I Need Michael Ian Elias 4:39
  13. In Israel Todd Herzog 4:55
  14. Ki Mitziyon Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser 4:36
  15. Ani Ma’amin Judy Winegard 3:35
  16. Pitchu Li Moshav 6:06

Disk Two

  1. Od’cha Eric Komar 3:43
  2. Letter in the Torah Josh Warshawsky 3:46
  3. See What You Want Ramiro Fauve 3:08
  4. Yisrael Shelanu Enny Wax 3:33
  5. V’haer Eynenu Ethan Leifer 3:49
  6. Unbreakable Soul Sababa 3:41
  7. Lift My Eyes Cantor Ilysia Pierce 4:07
  8. Hatikvah Taylor Dayne 3:10
  9. Tree of Life Sue Horowitz 3:27
  10. Shabbas LA Women’s Choir 2:50
  11. M’nucha V’simcha Dov Rosenblatt 4:03
  12. Beautiful Child Sarah Glaser 3:33
  13. We Light the Lights Cantor Ilan Davidson 3:26
  14. Elokai Susan Colin 4:47
  15. In Silence Danny Peck 4:12
  16. Papa My Love CC White 3:23

See the Lyrics and get the sheet music for Blessings here.

Stages is an ideal gift for

  • New members joining the congregation
  • B’nai mitzvah and their families
  • Teachers as a thank you for their service
  • Students on their graduation or Confirmation

Or use the music to     

  • Build an adult education music program·      
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere when families arrive for services       
  • Teach songs for a zimriyah, family Shabbat dinner, or holiday program

About Sam Glaser

Named one of the top ten Jewish artists in the United States by Moment Magazine, Sam Glaser travels worldwide performing the music from his 25 albums to audiences of all denominations.  In his cutting-edge recording studio, Glaser Musicworks, Sam produces music for a wide variety of recording artists and music for TV, apps and games. 

Read more about Sam

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