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The Still Small Voice: Reflections on Being a Jewish Man by Michael G. Holzman Paperback $16.95

Still Small Voice: Reflections on Being a Jewish Man What does it mean to be a Jewish man? Fifty years ago the answer was obvious, and the question unnecessary. Today, however, when women assume so many of the roles formerly reserved for men, and when men take on many traits formerly associated with women, how do we answer the question? The varied personal reflections included in this book represent individual voices responding to a communal change. Included are the voices of businessmen and artists, Jewish professionals and those struggling to understand their relationship to Judaism. This collection provides a thoughtful and thought-provoking snapshot of how Jewish mens' lives and souls are evolving in the present moment.

Seek Her Out: A Textual Approach to the Study of Women and Judaism by Elyse M. Goldstein Paperback $13.95

In this innovative new work, Rabbi Goldstein addresses the issue of women and Judaism from a timely perspective. Divided into content areas, this book focuses on three main topics of interest: the study of Torah, the observance of halachah (law) and the language of theology. How does the portrayal of women in the Torah affect our view of a women's place in Judaism? What is a woman's role in the synagogue and traditional rituals? How should we speak about Divinity? All these questions and more are answered. Y 22.99

A URJ Press Publication

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