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Mitkadem: Hebrew for Youth Ramah 21 - Digital

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Mitkadem Digital, which is available in the Online Learning Center (OLC), with a few modifications from its original URJ version. In the new OLC edition of Mitkadem Digital, one 12-month license will give a student access to the digital features of Ramot 3-23, and will be renewable, so students will always be able to go back and review work done in previous years. 


You can purchase the OLC Edition of Mitkadem Digital here


Mitkadem: Hebrew for Youth Ramah 19 - Digital Students are introduced to Hebrew vocabulary, reading practice, grammar, and concepts related to the Haftarah blessings. Concepts include: Blessing Formula, P'tichah/Chatimah; Holiness, and Faith.

Download the Level 19-21 Teacher's Guide Here

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