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Formerly URJ Press #510607   What's for dinner tonight? Artist, author, and cook Lisa Rauchwerger serves up mouthwatering meals and memories in her delightful cookbook. Using the Jewish calendar as a framework, both parent and...
Formerly URJ Press #104036   Book 2: An Interactive Guide Through to the Winter, Spring and Summer Holidays
Formerly URJ Press #280060
Formerly URJ Press #405400
This guide explains each of the four prayers recited on Erev Shabbat and suggests alternate ways to incorporate them into various family settings. The blessings are presented in English, Hebrew, and translation.
Formerly URJ Press #510650 By Tina Wasserman
Formerly URJ Press #160530
Formerly URJ Press #160100
Formerly URJ Press #166002
Formerly URJ Press #571500 Merle Feld's latest poetry collection, Finding Words, explores the subtle beauty and stark challenges of family, the complexities of adult friendships, the struggle to center a life on what is...
Formerly URJ Press #386060   After serving as founding director of the Religious Action Center in Washington, DC, Rabbi Richard Hirsch moved to Israel to lead the World Union for Progressive Judaism and become a tireless advocate for...
This follow up to the very popular Torah textbook Torah: The Growing Gift introduces students to the prophets, kings, judges, poets, warriors, heroes, and villains of the books of Prophets and Writings.
Formerly URJ Press #101974 Good Morning, Boker Tov is a perfect way to begin the day with your young child. Michelle Shapiro Abraham's latest book is chock full of colorful pictures by illustrator Selina Alko and easy-to-read texts...
Formerly URJ Press #101975 Just the way to end the day! With Good Night, Lilah Tov, going to bed does not have to be a chore any longer. An integral part of the recently established Bedtime/Morning Rituals initiative of the URJ...
Formerly URJ Press #386055 Rabbi Edwin Goldberg's new book Heads and Tales: Stories from the Sages to Enlighten our Minds brings age-old tales to life once more. Designed as an introduction to the art of reading rabbinic literature,...

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