1. It is upon us (our duty) to praise the God of all, to praise the Creator of the universe,

2. who did not make us like the other nations of the world, and did not set us like the other families of the earth,

3. who did not appoint our lot to be like the others, and gave us a unique destiny.

4. We bend the knee, bow, and give thanks

5. before the Ruler of the rulers of rulers, the blessed Holy One.

6.God spreads out the heavens and establishes the earth,

7. God's glorious abode is in the heavens above and God's powerful Presence is in the highest of heights.

8. God is our God, there is no other. True that God is our Ruler, there is none besides God.

9. As it is written in God's Torah: Know on that day and take it to heart,

10. that Adonai is God in the heavens above, and on the earth below; there is no other.

11. And it is said: Adonai will rule all the land.

12. On that day, Adonai will be One and God's name will be One.