Squash the Plague with This New Frog Catching App

Written by Behrman House Staff, 17 of March, 2014
Introducing the Fun, Downloadable Frog-of-the-Day
Favorite Children's Passover Song is Now a Book

Passover plagues are here in Frogs in the Bed. Catch as many frogs as you can as fast as you can. If you think pharaoh went crazy from all the plagues, just wait until you try catching all these frogs!

With this free app you can play individually or see how you compare to other frog catchers. 

Download the game here

Frogs in the Bed, a combination storybook and activity book by Ann Koffksy, will keep young children interested and engaged during the seder. A humorously illustrated version of the popular song "One Morning (The Frog Song)" by Shirley Cohen Steinberg is followed by activities that connect children to touchpoints in the seder, helping them understand what's happening around them. The book includes pre-holiday crafts, an age appropriate telling of the Passover story, the Four Questions, and quiet table activities matched to sections of the seder. It can be used with any haggadah.

You can order your copy of Frogs in the Bed here.