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News | 22 Oct, 2014

Effectively monitor student learning gains with these helpful resources from edutopia.

News | 20 Oct, 2014

Author of 'Oy Vey! Isn't a Strategy' Deborah Grayson Riegel has some surprising news about a time waster you didn't even know about. (And she has the answers to help, Phew!)

News | 15 Oct, 2014

We love hearing how our products are used in your learning spaces. When an educator purchased 345 sets of Ulpan Alef, we were curious how they were planning to use the Modern Hebrew folders?

News | 15 Oct, 2014

Spend family time practicing Hebrew with these fun and FREE Hebrew apps.

News | 15 Oct, 2014

From an early age our culture is taught that thin is the only body shape that looks good. How can we as educators help students understand that society's definition of beauty is ever-changing?

News | 14 Oct, 2014

Learn a new alef bet song and sing along with Mama Doni in this new app--it's FREE! Come see what it's like to play.

News | 08 Oct, 2014

Help teens juggle their views of right and wrong to guide them to making their own decision with the newest Hot Topics lesson.

News | 08 Oct, 2014

How can we engage students as they study Torah? This new curriculum from MaTok guides students through the Israelites' journey with interactive exercises and activities.