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News | 29 Aug, 2014

Follow along with Behrman House, The Paradigm Project, and 29 micro-bloggers for the next 29 days as we show you how to return core values of Judaism to Jewish early childhood education.

News | 27 Aug, 2014

How do we help students respond to the dynamic tension between autonomy and community when it comes to prayer?Saul Kaiserman discusses how they do it at Congregation Emanu-El of the Cirty of New York.

News | 27 Aug, 2014

Get your students on their feet as you bring music, digital devices, Facebook, and personal discussions into the classroom with Jews, Technology, and Rock!

News | 27 Aug, 2014

Help families explore the magic of Shabbat with a free online game helps children make meaning of all the elements of this weekly holiday that is a core element of Jewish identity.

News | 27 Aug, 2014

We love these videos that show fun and contemporary ways to experience and make meaning of Torah study and prayer.

Blog entry | 26 Aug, 2014

What Behrman House, University of Notre Dame and your organization all have in common.

Blog entry | 26 Aug, 2014

Time spent sharing together sets the stage for deeper relationships among students.

Blog entry | 22 Aug, 2014

The most important thing you can do as a religious school teacher is create and foster opportunities for your students to build relationships with each other, with you and the other people in your synagogue community. How to get started? Jump in – before school even starts.