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Browse our best Hebrew and Judaica resources so you can continue building skills and maintaining connections with students. Plus, we invite you to do some self-learning with tools for managing stress and navigating the new digital work environment.

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Decoding and Reinforcement

Shalom Hebrew app
grades 3-adult

Learn to decode Hebrew with this digital primer. For laptops and mobile devices.

Download the first five lessons FREE from the Apple Store, Amazon App store,or Google Play.

Full app only available from our online store. Order it here.




Hebrew Reading Assessment
grades 3-7

Assess students’ decoding skills or have them practice decoding, each at their own level.

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Listen to the author read each page aloud.




Shalom, Reader
grades 3-5

Gain confidence reading Hebrew and show off your decoding skills with this mix of stories, dialogues, and games. Use with emerging readers to supplement and enrich learning.

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Hebrew Alive! Talk, Move and Play the Ulpan Way
grades 3-6

Keep children moving with Hebrew games, movement, role playing, and songs.

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Download 285 word cards



Ten-Minute Hebrew Reader

grades 3-5

Strengthen Hebrew decoding skills in ten-minute chunks with games and activities.

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Click and Read

grades 2-4

Practice decoding  as you hear each word read aloud. 

Note: This feature is created in Flash and is usable only on computers, not mobile devices.

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Prayer Practice

Hebrew in Harmony app 

grades 4-6

Learn prayers through the music of 65 Jewish musicians.

Students and parents can download the app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and try two modules (prayers) free. For laptops and mobile devices. 

Hebrew in Harmony booklets will be available as a digital turn-page book June 3.

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Full version available as in-app purchase or from our online store.


The Alef-Bet of Blessing

grades 2-4

Learn the Hebrew letters and the basic building blocks of Jewish prayer at the same time. This reissued classic Hebrew primer is organized around the letters that form the six words that start most blessings: Baruch Atah Adonai, Eloheinu Melech ha’olam.

Ideal for families because of the free audio companion in which each page of the book is available in a read-aloud format that reinforces proper pronunciation.

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Click and Pray
Practice reading prayers as you hear each word read aloud.

Note: This feature is created in Flash and is usable only on computers, not mobile devices.

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Grades K-2

Let's Discover the Holidays 

Shavuot is Friday, May 29. Enjoy this Shavuot lesson drawn from Let’s Discover the Holidays.

These 4-page folders include an introduction to the meaning of each holiday, its objects, and its rituals. Simple retellings of the holiday’s stories are included with rich illustrations that will delight young readers and their grown-ups, too. A key goal is to help children discover their own connections to the holidays.

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I Am the Tree of Life

Written by rabbi and certified yoga instructor Rabbi Mychal Copeland, I Am the Tree of Life encourages young children to explore both the world of yoga and the stories of the Bible and find meaning in both.

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Join the author as she teaches yoga poses on video. 





Mommy, Can You Stop the Rain?

In this quietly powerful story, psychologist Rona Novick shows parents how to both comfort children and help them face their fears with the warmth and support they need. No, parents cannot take away every discomfort—but they have large roles to play in helping children work through their discomforts. Young children will be encouraged and will want to visit this story again and again. 

Also available on Kindle and Apple Book.

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Watch the author talk to parents about the book. 

Listen to the author read the story aloud.



Grades 3-6

Make, Create, Celebrate: Jewish Holidays through Art

Paint, perform, and doodle your way through the Jewish holidays! Use art to connect with the underlying values of the holidays in a personal way.

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Grades 7 and up

Three Times Chai: 54 Rabbis Tell Their Favorite Stories

Read four sample stories from Three Times Chai, an anthology of favorite stories told by fifty-four rabbis from all branches of Judaism.

Includes classic Bible stories, rabbinic and modern commentaries, folktales, and legends. Each story, ranging in length from one to seven pages, reflects a Jewish ideal or value and is told in the individual rabbi’s unique speaking style. Each concludes with a note from the contributor explaining the story’s lesson and why it is their favorite.

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More of Today's Hot Topics

In these sample lessons on “Unpacking the News” from More of Today’s Hot Topics, teens consider one of today’s complex issues from a Jewish perspective.

Also available, the original volume Today’s Hot Topics.

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Kosher Crosswords

Try three beginner crosswords from Kosher Crosswords. The 68 crosswords included in this book get progressively more difficult—from light and easy to seriously tough. We’ve included the answer keys here in case you need help!

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Personal and Professional Growth 

We invite you to use these tools to help you during these challenging times. This is a growing list, so check back as we add more resources to this section.

Mindfulness and Neuroscience, by Nancy Siegel 

Siegel is an educational consultant specializing in mindfulness education for both adults and children. See her demonstrate how to use the Hoberman Sphere/Breathing Ball. For more information, visit:


Simple and Short Mindfulness Activities, by Katie Rein

Perfect for use with preschoolers through middle grade. 

Rein is an educator and director at Brooklyn Heights Synagogue School and has worked intensively with children from preschool through teens around the world. Fluent in Arabic and French, she has also written curriculum in Spanish and Hebrew.  


Tips for More Effective Video Conferencing, with Mallory Penney and Reggie Harris from Better Together Labs

Better Together Labs offers experiential workshops in agility, collaboration and play to help teams across various industries work, create, and communicate better together.

Harris has held key positions at prominent Silicon Valley companies including Google, Dropbox, and Zynga and has provided his skills for a number of nonprofits. He has a degree in Computer Science with honors from Harvard University and his work is heavily influenced by the philosophies and techniques of improvisation.

Penney is a team-building strategist and a firm believer that “fun” is the operative word when it comes to peeling away inhibitions in the workplace to allow collaboration and effective communication to emerge. She is a member of the Applied Improvisation Network and holds a B.A. in Theater and Performance Studies from the University of California at Berkeley.


Story Spine: A Technique for Engaging a Group, with Mallory Penney and Reggie Harris from Better Together Labs