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A flash card for each of the 46 letters and vowels. Each card has the Hebrew letter printed large on the front and the English pronunciation on the back. For use with any Hebrew primer. Alef-Bet flashcards are a versatile teaching aid. You...
3 - 4
This companion reader and workbook uses 30 of the words learned in Alef Bet Quest and 75 additional modern Hebrew words to give new young Hebrew decoders the experience of reading - and understanding! - modern Hebrew. The Hebrew vocabulary...
3 - 4
Students learn to write cursive script in this companion workbook to Alef Bet Quest. Designed to match the content, chapter by chapter, in Alef Bet Quest, students learn the same key words and new letters and vowels - this time...
3 - 4
This book is only sold as a set. This set includes the book and interactive CD (not compatible with Macs). To purchase the Online Learning Center Edition Set, click here.
3 - 4
This book is only sold as a set. This set includes the book and the Online Learning Center license. To purchase the Interactive CD Edition Set, click here. The first multi-media Hebrew primer that fully integrates text-based lessons with...
3 - 4
Back in stock!! This is the first step in a program of Hebrew learning for adults with no knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet.  It is designed for English-speaking adults who primarily encounter the Hebrew language through Jewish...
Do your students lose their Hebrew reading skills every year between May and September? Designed as a follow-up to Shalom Uvrachah--The New Hebrew Primer, the Back to School Hebrew Reading Refresher can be used after this or any other...
4 - 5
Use concepts to teach history, stories to teach morality, heroes to teach values. The teachers and sages of the past mastered this teaching strategy--and it is as appropriate today as it was in talmudic times. The Basic Judaism series...
5 - 6
Features Bible lesson plans for a full year course for 3rd or 4th grade, and includes matching source books for suggested student/class readings, thought questions, and ideas for additional activities; supplemental material for class use...
Grade Level: 2-4Cartoon Bible stories from Genesis with age-appropriate topics (one God, covenant, birthright, sibling rivalry), along with blessings, maps, matching activities, puzzles, games and creative review strategies. Includes: Adam...
2 - 4
Grade Level: 3-5Cartoon stories with humor and substance focus on the biblical characters of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy and the conflicts faced by our biblical ancestors, supplemented with material from Midrash and Talmud...
3 - 5
Grade Level: 6-AdultSkits drawn from the books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings retell the stories from the conquest of Israel to the end of Solomon's reign in contemporary language with respectful humor. True to biblical accounts...
6 - 12
Each Bible Teacher Prep Pack includes 24 complete lesson plans (enough for the whole year), and one copy of the matching student source book for just $24.95. Featured Student Edition: The Explorer's Bible 2
  Formerly URJ Press #142800
  Formerly URJ Press #142801

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