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Like Judaism itself, the ritual of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah has developed over time. As with all rituals, participants need to invest it with meaning if it is to move beyond mere performance. In a time when we seek to strengthen Jewish...
6 - 8
B'nai Mitzvah Sampler Library includes one copy each of: Bar/Bat Mitzvah Sourcebook,Teaching Haftarah,Teaching Tefilah,Teaching Torah at a 20% discount.
"Turn the Torah and turn it again, for everything is in it." Welcome a young woman as a responsible member of the Jewish community. Presentation envelopes sold separately.
Introduces the key concept of the Jewish community (Vol. 1), and discusses life according to Jewish time - the Jewish calendar, Shabbat and the cycle of holidays, and life cycle events (Vol. 2).
Examines a Jewish view of time through the lens of the building blocks of Jewish identity - our shared history and stories, shared language, symbols and rituals, and ethical teachings. Students will develop an understanding of how time is...
3 - 4
"May the Eternal make you like Ephraim and Menashe." Bringing a baby boy into the Covenant of Abraham. Presentation envelopes sold separately.
"Be wise, not only in words but in deeds." Confirming a commitment to Jewish study. Presentation envelopes sold separately.
"And you shall teach your children." Presented upon beginning religious school. Presentation envelopes sold separately.
All Ages
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All Ages
Jewish Life Sampler Library includes one copy each of: Teaching Jewish History, Teaching Jewish Holidays, Teaching Jewish Life Cycle. At a 20% discount!
Because every family experiences life-cycle events, they are an excellent topic for a Family Education program. That's why the "Family Activity" sheets in the Teacher's Guide are ideal tools for creating your own family...
3 - 4
"Within a walled city reminiscent of Jerusalem, the newlyweds' home opens onto a view of light and joy." Traditional Hebrew with egalitarian English text. Printed in full color on parchment paper, each 11" x 17" and...
As Jews, we mark life-cycle events with the coming together of family, friends, and the Jewish community in ceremonies, prayers, and celebrations. In this 16-page magazine the student will become familiar with Jewish life-cycle customs....
1 - 2
This saddle stiched 40-page booklet provides the objectives (both cognitive and affective) for the course as well as leader instructions, checklists, and preparation guides for each of the pages in the student workbook.  ...
4 - 6
"Your own story will become a part of Jewish history."
7 - 10

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