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Shalom Ivrit Book 2 - Prayer Companion

ISBN: 978-0-87441-196-6
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Grade level: 4 - 7
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Students learn the seven blessings in the Shabbat morning Amidah. They uncover Jewish values and virtues—humility, acts of loving kindness, healing others, sacred time, showing appreciation, and more—and think of ways to make them part of their own lives.

Special Feature: Textual variations in the prayers—for example, in Avot and G'vurot—are highlighted graphically and in explanatory text boxes to show the diversity and breadth of Jewish practice, while highlighting the ties between all Jews.

1. Adonai Sfatai Tiftah
2. Avot
3. G'vurot
4. K'dushah
5. K'dushat Hayom
6. Avodah
7. Hoda'ah
8. Birkat Shalom
9. Review
10. Elohai N'tzor

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