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Child's Bible 1: Lessons From the Torah

ISBN: 978-0-87441-466-0
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Grade level: 3 - 5
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Authentic and moving retellings of the great Bible stories highlight their timeless moral and spiritual truths, and apply them to the personal concerns of today's children.

The classic narratives come to life for young children in simple words, refined by both ancient and modern Jewish scholarship.
Each story is accompanied by:

  • Peshat - "What does it mean?"
  • Drash - "What does it teach?"
  • Remez - "A Lesson about Torah"
  • Colorful illustrations that depict the Biblical world

Each chapter also contains exercises and activities to reinforce the lessons. The Teacher's Guides feature a special "Teaching the Illustrations" section to help you share each book's art with your students.


  • In the Beginning
  • In the Garden
  • The Terrible Crime
  • Noah and the Flood
  • A Tower in the Sky
  • Abram Walks with God
  • The Sad Tale of Sodom
  • Abraham's Gift to God
  • Rebecca
  • Twins and Tricks
  • Jacob Takes Two Wives
  • Jacob Returns Home
  • Joseph's Coat
  • Joseph and the Dreamers
  • Come Down to Egypt
  • Moses in the Basket
  • Moses and the Bush
  • The Ten Plagues


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