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Let's Discover the Spring Holidays

ISBN: 978-0-87441-624-4
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Grade level: K - 1
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Introduce young children to the holidays with this series of eight 4-page folders. It's all here: lush photographs, lively artwork, playful activities, and clear text students can understand, even if they can't yet read.

Large, contemporary photographs and whimsical illustrations bring the holidays to life. The simple retelling of each holiday story, the introduction of key holiday objects, rituals, and vocabulary, and delightful activities reinforce new concepts and engage the young child.

Family Education
Each folder's "My Family and Me" section suggests practical holiday activities for children and their families to do together. These irresistible folders will create a strong and vital link between the classroom and home.

Set 2: Let's Discover the Spring Holidays
1. Tu B'Shevat
2. The Story of Purim
3. Celebrating Purim
4. The Story of Passover
5. Celebrating Passover
6. Yom Ha'atzma'ut
7. Shavuot: The Ten Commandments
8. Celebrating Shavuot

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