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Parashat Hashavua: Reading Genesis

ISBN: 978-0-87441-680-0
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Grade level: 6 - 7
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Give your students a taste of Torah! Let them thrill with the excitement of reading and understanding text in the original Hebrew, and help them develop the skills for a lifetime of talmud Torah.

In the first of the two Parashat Hashavua books, students not only practice Hebrew reading, they also become familiar with the 12 parshiyot in Genesis. In addition, students learn the practices and prayers associated with reading Torah in synagogue.

Each of the book's 12 chapters--one for each parashah--includes:

  • Name, chapter, and verses of the parashah
  • Selected verses in Hebrew and English
  • Summary of the characters and events in the parashah
  • Parashah review and comprehension activities
  • Probing questions to stimulate critical thinking
  • A mitzvah associated with the parashah
  • Opportunities to read, write, and translate Hebrew

While developing word attack skills and sight recognition of key vocabulary, students will explore the dynamic and moving text of Genesis.

Students will learn the sacred nature of Torah study: how we learn to live as Jews with love, compassion, and respect for God's world. And they will gain an understanding of our relationship with God and how we developed as a people.

A variety of instructional techniques--Hebrew reading and comprehension activities, role playing, cooperative learning, word analysis, and critical-thinking questions--creates an innovative, interactive learning environment.

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