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Shalom Alef Bet: A Pre-Primer for Shalom Uvrachah

ISBN: 978-0-87441-693-0
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Grade level: 2 - 3
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A new, sophisticated level of reading readiness instruction - letter recognition and a gentle introduction to the vowels!

In 96 full-color pages, your students will become familiar with the Hebrew alphabet's letters and vowels. They will practice single-syllable letter-vowel combinations and systematically practice letter-to-sound and vowel-to-sound relationships.

Goals of Shalom Alef Bet!:

  • Introduce the Hebrew letters and vowels
  • Demonstrate that Hebrew is read from right to left
  • Present single-syllable letter-vowel combinations
  • Develop simple decoding skills
  • Offer a basic cultural vocabulary
  • Prepare students for entry into Shalom Uvrachah

Special features of Shalom Alef Bet!:

  • Letters and vowels are presented in the same order as Shalom Uvrachah, offering a natural progression from pre-primer to primer.
  • Special exercises help students master specific letter-sound and vowel-sound correspondence.
  • New and innovative activities based on the latest research about foreign language phonics study accelerate letter recognition.
  • Picture cues link new letters to heritage words (shofar for shin, bat mitzvah for bet, haggadah for hey).
  • Tracing models reinforce Hebrew letters.
  • Cumulative review and practices activities allow periodic monitoring of student progress.
  • Interactive games (Rings, Bingo, Ladders) reinforce new material and encourage students' cooperative play.

Shalom Alef Bet! also includes:

  • Board game for alef bet review
  • Alef bet chart
  • Certificate for completion of study

Your students will experience success as they take their first steps in reading acquisition with Shalom Alef Bet!, our innovative pre-primer!

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