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Mikdash M'at, Small Sanctuary: Small Sanctuary

ISBN: 978-0-87441-699-2
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In a stunning manifestation of hiddur mitzvah—beautification of the commandment—this new siddur brings a heightened level of personal meaning to Shabbat morning prayer, in a strikingly attractive visual form. Mikdash M'at will be a magnet for the learning worshipper, while engaging those more experienced at their own levels. 

Mikdash M'at has been designed especially for small groups: minyanim, havurot, and learners. Accessible commentary accompanies each prayer, allowing worshippers to explore the meaning of the prayer and its place in the service. At the same time, Mikdash M'at retains the siddur canon so that the prayer service can be experienced by all worshippers. Its liturgy offers many opportunities for both the spirited interactions of public prayer, and the quiet graces of meditation and reflection.

The inclusiveness of the commentary, translation, and transliteration invites those who have felt at the margins of worship to explore and understand it further. The artistry of the design appeals to the visual and aesthetic senses of worshippers, providing a new window into the prayer experience for all, especially those who learn and remember best visually. And the visual presentation of objects in several alternative ways validates the notion that the same thing, be it tangible, or a prayer, can be experienced by different individuals in different ways.
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This siddur is unlike anything ever seen by your worshippers:

  • Full color artwork provides a visual interpretation to accompany the service.
  • Insightful commentaries explain the structure of the service and the meaning of the prayers.
  • New translations and transliterations allow complete understanding and participation by all worshippers, regardless of their Hebrew skills.
  • Full gender inclusiveness encourages all to be equal participants.
  • Bold type indicates sections of the service where the congregation traditionally participates aloud.
  • Clear organization encourages an understanding of the structure of the service and the choreography of its components.

A valuable resource to move congregants closer and closer to the center of Jewish study and life.

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