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Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace: Lailah Tov/Boker Tov

ISBN: 978-0-87441-724-1
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Grade level: Pre-K - 2
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A four-song CD and 18-page booklet to help families add a Jewish dimension to their morning and bedtime rituals.

Learn more about this book and hear the CD!

Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace helps us give our children a sense of ordered, daily rhythm at those moments that are part of each and every day--waking up and going to bed. The songs included here, two for morning and two for evening, have been written with families in mind. Their simple yet powerful themes of thankfulness, everyday miracles, creation, and protection can help us infuse meaning into even the routine parts of each day.

The CD accompanies an 18-page booklet that contains:


    • lyrics to each song
    • contextual background about the songs and daily prayers, which include Yotzeir Or, Modim, and the Sh'ma
    • six games for parents to share with children, and
    • ways to add joy to morning and evening rituals.

    Mah Tovu uses the songs of Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace with their own young children: "Our littlest ones hum along as we take them out of their cribs and change them in the morning. Our toddlers sing along on the ride to pre-school. At night, they listen as they cuddle up under the covers."


          Modeh Ani (3:50)

          Round and Round (4:25)

          Thank You God (3:05)

          Hashkiveinu/Shelter Us (7:10)

    Make Days of Wonder, Nights of Peace part of a ritual of giving at your synagogue:


      • Give it as a gift to families at baby namings and at brit milah and simchat bat celebrations.
      • Include it in welcome packets for religious school consecrations and new member events.
      • Present it to parents at "Mommy and Me" and toddler groups.
      • Introduce it to grandparents and family members at family retreats.
      • Make it an integral part of your preschool program.

      Mah Tovu writes, records and performs original contemporary Jewish Music. Mah Tovu's other recordings include: Only This; Pharaoh, Pharaoh: A CD Single; and Turn It.

      "A wonderful resource for parents who want to introduce Jewish spirituality to their children and develop family rituals that are joyous, peaceful, and comforting. Mah Tovu's lovely and accessible melodies bring young children to Jewish prayer easily, naturally, and enjoyably!"

      Rabbi Janet Marder

      Congregation Beth Am,

      Los Altos Hills, California

      Vice President, Central

      Conference of American Rabbis

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