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For the Family: Shabbat Blessings - Set of 10 Folders

ISBN: 978-0-87441-730-2
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Grade level: All Ages
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Family education has never been this easy.

This unique folder will bring Shabbat observance to all of your religious school families. It provides the blessings and rituals for celebrating Shabbat at home, in Hebrew with transliteration and English translation, as well as step-by-step instructions for parents.

The 4-page full-color folder is both rich in content (it covers candle-lighting through havdalah) and design (vivid photographs are used throughout).

     1. Friday night checklist
     2. Blessing over the Shabbat candles
     3. Kiddush
     4. Havdalah
     5. Blessing of the children

Ideal to send home to families whose children are using Let's Discover Shabbat in class. Packaged in sets of 10, you can also send home folders with children of any grade level, or integrate them into school-wide family education programs. Made of long-lasting heavy-duty cardboard, they will find their way onto family bookshelves, for easy and ongoing Shabbat reference. Or you can use them as instructional manuals for congregational Shabbat programs or as part of a take home Shabbat kit.

A must for incorporating family education into your curriculum.

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