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Lets Discover Israel Teacher's Edition

ISBN: 978-0-87441-732-6
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Grade level: K - 2
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Each page of the eight Let's Discover Israel folders is reproduced --with answers--and surrounded by features to help teachers make full use of the folders. Each lesson includes teaching opportunities such as:

  • Words to Know: key vocabulary and definitions to introduce or review
  • Using the Photograph: suggestions for using the rich array of visual images in the student edition
  • Making Connections: activities that connect to other curriculum areas, such as Bible, Hebrew, and Prayer
  • Arts and Crafts: age-appropriate classroom projects such as creating a class mural of the Kotel on which students write or draw their own prayers
  • For the Family: activities that connect lessons with family life and provide material students can bring home to share, such as note cards with drawings of the ways they can add to sh'lom bayit, peace in the home

The Teacher's Edition also includes eight worksheets, one for each folder, that reinforce the concepts in the folders, including an Israel picture match game, a rebus story of Jonah, and a Haifa jigsaw puzzle.

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