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Jewish History Observer 3: The Challenge of Living in Two Worlds

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Grade level: 7 - 10
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Volume 3 in The Jewish History Observer series examine the triumph and turmoil of the Middle Ages and the Enlightenment period. With teen-friendly narrative, thought-provoking questions, accessible translations of primary source material, and dozens of illustrations, maps, and timelines, this full-color, 16-page booklet will challenge your students to think critically about the driving forces of historical figures and events.


  • Struggles and achievements of Jewish communities in Christian and Muslim worlds
  • The Crusades and European anti-Semitism
  • Transformative Jewish thinkers, including Maimonides and Rashi


  • Informal, teen-friendly narrative, combined with clear, accessible translations of primary source material, promotes lively "read-aloud" classroom experiences.
  • Dozens of illustrations, maps, and timelines provide a compelling presentation of historical events from 400-1250 CE.
  • Newspaper-style articles "report" Jewish history as it happens, bringing Jewish history to life for your students.
  • "This Just In": Hasidism? "Not So Fast," Says Vilna Gaon
  • "Real Estate": Had enough of the Old World? Have we got a country for you-conveniently located just across the Atlantic!
  • "Sports": Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative Teams Help Form Jewish League
  • "You're the Reporter": Write your own article about a time in your life when you were torn between what you believed and what you observed.

The Jewish History Observer is a four-booklet series that presents Jewish history from the time of Moses to the Modern Era. Newspaper-style articles and features engage your students' imaginations and intellectual curiosity. Thought-provoking questions challenge your students to think critically about the driving forces of historical figures and events. Volume 1 covers the Exodus from Egypt to the destruction of the First Temple. Volume 2 covers Jewish life during the Greek and Roman periods; the exile and the development of the Mishnah and Talmud. Volume 3 covers the Early Middle Ages, and Volume 4 brings the narrative up to the Modern Era.

Read the special guide on Ways to Use the Jewish History Observer

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