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Jewish & Me: Spring Holidays

ISBN: 978-0-87441-747-0
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Grade level: Pre-K - K
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Introduce the Jewish holidays to your youngest students using this playful series of four-page folders full of content-rich photographs, age-appropriate text, playful art and easy-to-follow design.

Move over, Weekly Reader...

Encourage pre-schoolers to build Jewish identity and learn about the holidays with the Jewish and Me series of classroom magazines while reinforcing core developmental skills such as counting, creative movement, and expressive language.

  • Explore the holiday basics: Help children discover the joys of our holiday traditions, such as searching for the afikomen on Passover or eating blintzes on Shavuot.
  • Get up and move: Stand up tall like a tree, dance the horah. Explore holiday concepts with movement and pretend play. A playful cat character encourages children to join him in large motor celebration of the holiday.
  • Bring the learning home: Involve families with delightful At Home activities, such as making noise when you hear Haman's name in the Purim story or learning the word shalom. Family Talk discussion questions encourage the entire family to explore a concept of the holiday and how it relates to the life of their family.
  • Use the Poster and Game Cards: Tape the holiday objects poster to the wall, or cut the pictures for a set of perfectly matched game cards.

Visit for recipes, songs, and other extras to extend your lesson plans. Download and send home a Letter to Parents to encourage them to explore the website and enrich the activities in the Jewish & Me magazines.


  1. Tu B'Shevat
  2. Shabbat Blessings
  3. Purim
  4. Celebrating Passover
  5. The Story of Passover
  6. Yom Ha'atzma'ut
  7. Shavuot
  8. My Spring Holidays (Poster and Game Cards)


It's fun, it's educational, it's JAM!
The Jewish & Me cat stars in a new game for your iPhone or iPad. Race against the clock to match as many holiday symbols as you can!

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