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Let's Talk! Modern Hebrew for Teens

ISBN: 978-0-87441-782-1
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Grade level: 6 - 7
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Now—for the first time—a light, engaging modern Hebrew text written specifically for 6th–7th graders who have completed a prayer program and are ready for a change of pace. In just 96 pages, four trendy kids party in Tel Aviv, shop in a shuk, ride a camel, swim in the Dead Sea, and celebrate a bat mitzvah in Jerusalem—all in Hebrew!

Each of the 15 six-page chapters opens with a simple Hebrew dialog followed by the coolest activities we’ve ever done, including “Pass the Pencil,” “Triple Riddle,” “Jet Set” and “Tricky Travel.” Students learn 195 vocabulary words and practice basic grammar—including the present tense, masculine and feminine nouns in the singular and plural—through the activities. No formal grammar rules necessary!

With an open, uncluttered, dynamic design and jazzy full color illustrations, Let’s Talk! invites even the busiest bar and bat mitzvah student to learn modern Hebrew quickly and easily. It’s a blast!

Special feature: Includes illustrative photograph of Israel in each chapter.

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