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Blessings and Baby Steps: The Spiritual Path of Parenthood

ISBN: 978-0-87441-878-1
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Blessings and Baby Steps charts the spiritual journey of parenthood from pregnancy through preschool. Author Rabbi Ilana Grinblat's interweaves her personal experiences with those of friends, congregants, and mentors as well as with tales from Jewish tradition. Each short (2-4 pages), breezily told chapter offers a new insight from a particular moment of parenting and highlights a quality that this stage nourishes.

Six sections guide the parent on a spiritual journey from conception through the four-year-old child.
I. Pregnancy and Birth
II. The First Year
III. The Wondrous Ones
IV. The Tremendous Twos
V. The Thrilling Threes
VI. The Formidable Fours


  • Includes blessings for children from the Jewish tradition
  • Each chapter offers relevant, bite-size text study



  • Essential reading for new parents, grand-parents, and caregivers
  • Makes a great gift on the birth of a baby, for Mother's Day, and as a thank you
  • Provides rich topics for sermons, text study, and welcome addresses to congregants
  • Ideal for parenting classes


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