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Siddur Katan: Shabbat Prayer Book for Families with Young Children

ISBN: 978-0-87441-909-2
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Grade level: Pre-K - 1
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Siddur Katan is a cheerful, non-denominational, 18-page Shabbat morning prayer book for families with young children. The shortened service combined with child-centered and meaningful illustrations helps engage young children, while full transliterations and clear English introductions help their sometimes distracted parents keep their places. Spirited songs written especially for this service energize the entire room, helping create a vibrant space in time for families every Shabbat morning.


  1. Shabbat Shalom (song)
  2. It's Shabbat (song)
  3. It's Time to Make the Challah (song)
  4. You'll Never Guess (song)
  5. Modeh/Modah Ani
  6. Mah Tovu
  7. Halelu
  8. Barchu
  9. Or Chadash
  10. Shema
  11. Mi Chamochah
  12. Amidah
  13. Oseh Shalom
  14. Vay'hi Binso'a Ha'aron
  15. Torah Tzivah Lanu Moshe
  16. Eitz Chayim Hi
  17. Ein Keloheinu
  18. Aleinu
  19. Adon Olam
  20. 3 Stars in the Sky (song)
  21. Hamavdil (song)
  22. Kiddush Blessings

Additional Components:

  1. Song Collection with all the prayers and songs in Siddur Katan
  2. Leader's Guide with bonus free downloads, including Shabbat and Jewish-themed game templates and a Shabbat story reading list
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