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Siddur Katan Song Collection

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The Siddur Katan Song Collection is a downloadable album of 10 original, lively, family-friendly Shabbat songs that participants of all ages will be singing long after Shabbat services are over. With songs about candle lighting, synagogue, Torah, Havdalah and more, this musical companion to Siddur Katan will enrich your family services with the joy and spirit of Shabbat week after week. Ideal for parents with young children to download to their own computers or iPods.

Songs by Jaime Lewis with Ray Mills on strings and percussion
Produced and arranged by Ray Mills

Click the one of the highlighted song names below to hear a sample:

    1. Shabbat Shalom

    2. It's Shabbat

    3. It's Time to Make the Challah

    4. You'll Never Guess

    5. Do You Know

    6. Torah

    7. Shabbat at Home

    8. Every Friday Night

    9. 3 Stars In The Sky

    10. Hamavdil

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