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Ready, Set...Go Alef Bet! Online Learning Center Edition

ISBN: 978-0-87441-860-6
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Grade level: 2 - 3
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This book is only sold as a book and Online Learning Center license set. At this time, the book is not sold separately and the license can only be purchased with the book. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Give your young Hebrew students the advantages of blended learning right now!

The first pre-primer with an integrated digital companion, Ready, Set...Go Alef Bet! prepares young students to learn to decode in Alef Bet Quest. Students learn all the letters in the Hebrew alphabet, as well as vowels, and begin to blend sounds and combine syllables. This product also includes activities that help any teacher integrate Hebrew language throughout the program.The digital Hebrew exercises in Ready Set...Go Alef Bet! are available only in the Behrman House Online Learning Center, no CDs necessary! Watch the demo video and find out more about the Online Learning Center here.

See the video tutorials here.

About the Series:
Ready, Set... Go Alef Bet! is the first book in the five-level Alef-Bet Quest/Kol Yisrael series, which fully integrates book-based lessons and digital learning. In Alef Bet Quest students learn to decode, and in Kol Yisrael students learn blessings and prayers to use at home, as well as the prayers in the Shabbat morning service service.

Special Features:

  • The first Hebrew pre-primer to present a mnemonic for almost every Hebrew letter, including final letters and family letters. For example, Tav has a toe, Gimmel goes for a walk, Final Fay looks like a flag. The mnemonics are animated in the digital companion.
  • Activities are self-checking. For example, when students circle the correct letters they get a clue to a real word.
  • Includes activities for auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners. For example, hearing the teacher read, distinguishing letters out loud, and coloring letters.
  • The methodology is based on sound research on language acquisition. For example, students learn similar looking letters far apart yet sound-alike letters together.

Note: There is no Interactive CD Edition available for Ready, Set...Go Alef Bet!

Marla Wolf Ready, Set... Go Alef Bet! Review

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