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Hebrew in Harmony OLC edition

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HiH: Avot V'imahot Digital License - $5.95

Havdalah HiH - $5.95

Kiddush HiH - $5.95

Ma'ariv Aravim & Yotzer Or HiH - $5.95

Mah Nishtanah HiH - $5.95

Sh'ma HiH - $5.95

Shalom Aleichem HiH - $5.95

B'rachot HiH - $5.95

Flexible way to teach just the Hebrew prayers you want, through music, using the groundbreaking Hebrew in Harmony program. Each purchase includes a 12-month license to the digital content + the student journal for that particular prayer module. This multi-media approach invites students to learn to sing and pray in Hebrew, as well as read, explore, and interpret prayer text.

Each of individual prayer modules comes with its own videos, downloadable music, Hebrew reading and recording options, games, and much more. Musical hosts Eliana Light and Noah Aronson help students dive into the prayer words, melodies and meaning.

The universal app is usable on all devices: tablets, smartphones, or laptops. 

Each prayer has 5 sections in the digital companion:

Learn - Introduces each prayer, and students can then choose whether to learn more about the prayer or sing along.

Practice - Learners can read word by word, record themselves, and compare their reading with either an Israeli or American pronunciation.

Explore - Focuses on key Hebrew roots and modern Hebrew words that share that root. Students cabn personalize their prayer pages with emojis, videos, and awards they’ve received. They can also hear different musical versions of the prayer and add that music to their personal prayer page.

Quiz-It  - Students can answer questions and test their prayer knowledge.

Melody Game - Match syllables to build prayer words, then connect those words to form the prayer. Takes place in a matza factory and fully formed words turn into matza balls.

Available Prayers:

  • Bar'chu
  • Brachot
  • Havdalah
  • Kiddush
  • Ma'ariv Aravim/Yotzer Or
  • Mah Nishtanah
  • Shalom Aleichem
  • Sh'ma

Additional modules will be introduced in time for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years. In all, 22 modules will be availalbe as part of teh Hebrew in Harmony program

Take an inside look at Hebrew in Harmony here

School use of Hebrew in Harmony is organized through our Online Learning Center. Learn more about the OLC here.

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