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This purchase includes only the Mitkadem digital license. Printed ramot sold separately.

We are reintroducing Mitkadem Digital with a few modifications from its original URJ version. In the new, OLC edition of Mitkadem Digital, one 12-month license will give a student access to the digital features of Ramot 3-23, and will be renewable yearly, so students will always be able to go back and review work done in previous years. 

The OLC edition includes all existing pages and activities in every included ramah, matching the printed ramot page for page. Access to all the ramot will be through a single menu, so students can pace themselves during the year. All existing activities and resources (vocabulary lists, grammar lists, recorded features and other tools) will remain available. Students will receive automatic, immediate feedback on all fixed-answer exercises; they can screen print answers to open-ended questions to send to the teacher. The digital edition will track student log ins to each ramah, count their visits, and provide the date of latest log in. Teachers will have access to this tracking on a real time basis using their own OLC accounts.

The OLC edition of Mitkadem Digital will be available separately from the printed ramot and priced at $9.95 per person per year for access to all the ramot.



Every page, every prayer, every activity.

You don't have to cut corners to go digital - the complete content of each ramah is included. Students can move seamlessly from the print version to the digital without sacrificing any content. 


Everything students need, 
at their fingertips.

Full prayer texts, vocabulary, and recordings are integrated and available from any page at any time. No loose papers, and no more listening stations.




Interactive and engaging.

Different kinds of interactivities for different types of learners. The fun, user-friendly interface appeals to students, parents, and teachers alike.



About Mitkadem:

The Mitkadem program is constructed of 23 ramot, or levels. Students may work independently, with another student at a similar level, or with another student in a "tutorial" relationship. Ramot 1 and 2 teach the students the fundamentals of Hebrew reading by developing decoding skills and the use of ritual vocabulary. These texts are designed so that they can be used either in a traditional, teacher-led classroom, a self-paced program, or a combination of both. The subsequent 21 ramot should be completed individually or in small groups. Ramot 4-23 each teach a different prayer using five curricular topics. On average, students can complete between four and six ramot per year depending on hours of Hebrew school and students' pace.

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