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Passover Cowboy

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"Faster, faster," Jacob urged his pony, Rosa. he had to hurry now.

It was getting late, and Passover was starting tonight!

Until last year, Jacob and his family had lived in Russia, where he and his friends would run in and out of each other's homes, one house right next to the other. But now his family had moved to Argentina, and to Jacob, it seemed that friends were harder to find in this new land. Could his new friend Benito join them for the seder? Would he? Could a Passover meal here in Arentina — with cowboys, ponchos, chickens, and horses — feel like home, too?

About the Author

Barbara Diamond Goldin is the recipient of the Sydney Taylor Body-of-Work Award from the Association of Jewish Libraries. She has written many award-winning and distinguished books on Jewish themes, including The Best Hanukkah Ever, The World's Birthday: A Rosh Hashanah Story, and Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Tale. A former preschool teacher, language arts teacher, and writing instructor, Barbara is currently director of a public library and lives in Western Massachusetts.

About the Illustrator

Gina Capaldi is the illustrator of more than fifty books for children, many of them historically based. Her work is meticulously researched, detailed, and vibrant, and her books have been included on the recommended reading list from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Gina lives in Southern California. You can see more of her work at

Reviews For The Passover Cowboy

"Russian Jews settle in Argentina—a little-known but timely fact.In Argentina, two pale-skinned boys are racing their horses. Benito, born in the country, is comfortably attired, while Jacob is still dressed in the too-tight clothing of the old country. It is just before the Jewish festival of Passover, and Jacob invites his new friend to the Seder, but Benito turns him down. Jacob returns home thinking about their lives in Russia, with houses so close by that neighbors visited frequently. At his house, his mother and sister are busy with the many delicious food preparations. Still, Jacob wishes Benito would come—opening the door for the prophet Elijah and other guests is part of the celebration. He is happy, though, to receive a very special gift from his mother: Argentinian clothing perfect for riding horses. When the door is opened, however, chaos follows as messy chickens invade their kitchen. Benito arrives just in time to help save the dinner and present his friend with a much-needed present, a lasso. Goldin's story is a warm-spirited tale of an immigrant family. An author's note explains the work of Baron Maurice de Hirsch, who sponsored Russian Jewish immigration to Argentina in the late 19th century. Capaldi's watercolor illustrations fill the pages with action and personality. A Seder and cowboy clothes are beautifully woven together."
Kirkus Reviews

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